S. No. Project name Project cost in Lakhs IA Name City name Dist name Sector Status
1 Construction of 1118 Houses at Khammam Municipality 1178.11 APSHCL Khammam Khammam Housing Not Completed
2 Construction of 480 Houses at Sangareddy, Medak Dist. 735.44 APSHCL Sangareddy Medak Housing Not Completed
3 Construction of 328 DUs at Zahirabad, Medak Dist. 571.04 APSHCL Zaheerabad Medak Housing Proposed for Dropping
4 Construction of 1111 DUs and provision of infrastructure facilities at Sircilla, Karimnagar Dist. 1321.82 APSHCL Sircilla Karimnagar Housing Not Completed
5 Construction of 2304 Houses at Karimnagar 2711.02 APSHCL Karimnagar Karimnagar Housing Not Completed
6 Construction of 513 DUs at Gadwal Municipality, Mahabubnagar Dist. 830.14 APSHCL Gadwal Mahaboobnagar Housing Completed
7 Construction of 525 Houses at Mahabubnagar 935.59 APSHCL Mahaboobnagar Mahaboobnagar Housing Not Completed
8 Construction of 384 Houses at Wanaparthy, Mahabubnagar Dist. 360.00 APSHCL Wanaparthy Mahaboobnagar Housing  Completed
9 Construction of 986 Houses at Miryalaguda, Nalgonda Dist. 1168.78 APSHCL Miryalaguda Nalgonda Housing Not Completed
10 Construction of 401 Houses at Nalgonda Municipality, Nalgonda 498.62 APSHCL Nalgonda Nalgonda Housing Not Completed
11 Construction of 1556 Houses at Suryapet 1850.08 APSHCL Suryapet Nalgonda Housing Not Completed
12 Construction of 1020 Houses at Nagaram, Nizamabad 948.43 APSHCL Nizamabad Nizamabad Housing Not Completed
13 Construction of 938 DUs at Kothagudem, Khammam Dist 937.32 APSHCL Kothagudem Khammam Housing Not Completed
14 infrastructure facilities in 42 slums of Suryapet, Nalgonda Dist 2117.72 ENC (PH) Suryapet Nalgonda infra Completed
15 infrastructure facilities at Nalgonda Municiplality (Ph II) Nalgonda Dist, A.P 1227.90 ENC (PH) Nalgonda (Ph. II) Nalgonda infra Completed
16 infrastructure facilities at Miryalaguda Municiplality (Ph II) Nalgonda Dist, A.P 1449.69 ENC (PH) Miryalaguda (Ph II) Nalgonda infra Completed
17 infrastructure facilities in 6 slums of Mancherial, Adilabad Dist 1549.39 ENC (PH) Mancherial Adilabad infra Completed
18 infrastructure facilities in 15 slums at Jangaon, Warangal Dist, A.P 1411.43 ENC (PH) Jangaon Warangal infra Completed
19 infrastructure facilities in 31 slums of Bhuvanagiri, Nalgonda Dist 1079.72 ENC (PH) Bhongir Nalgonda infra Completed
20 infrastructure facilities in slums at Mahabubnagar (Ph.II), Mahabubnagar Dist., A.P 1222.47 ENC (PH) Mahaboobnagar (Ph.II) Mahaboobnagar infra Completed
21 infrastructure facilities in Wanaparthy Municipality, Mahabubnagar Dist., A.P 1173.97 ENC (PH) Wanaparthy Mahaboobnagar infra Completed
22 infrastructure facilities in 18 slums at Narayanpet, Mahabubnagar Dist, A.P 1258.30 ENC (PH) Narayanpet Mahaboobnagar infra Completed
23 infrastructure facilities at Tanduru, Rangareddy Dt 1275.20 ENC (PH) Tanduru Rangareddy infra Completed
24 infrastructure facilities at Bodhan, Adilabad Dist, A.P 574.49 ENC (PH) Bodhan Nizamabad infra Completed
25 infrastructure facilities in 17 slums at Palwancha, Khammam Dist, A.P 450.23 ENC (PH) Palwancha Khammam infra Completed
26 infrastructure facilities in 36 slums at Nirmal, Adilabad Dist, A.P 1025.62 ENC (PH) Nirmal Adilabad infra Completed
27 Standalone infrastructure facilities in various slums at Gadwal Municipality 388.22 11 ULBs Gadwal Mahaboobnagar infra Not Completed
28 Standalone infrastructure facilities to 9 slums in Siddipet municipality 386.06 11 ULBs Siddipet Medak infra Not Completed
29 Standalone Infrastructure - Yellandu 241.94 11 ULBs Yellandu Khammam infra Not Completed