Board of Directors

Board of Directors of the Company: -


The Board of Directors of the Company is appointed by the State Government of Telangana . The power of the Board of Directors of the Company is to provide policy frame work for the Company and under whose guidance, the Managing Director is responsible for the conduct of the day to day affairs of the Company. The Board meetings and Annual General Meetings (AGM) are being held as per the provisions of Companies Act.


The Board of Directors of the TUFIDC at the time of incorporation, notified by the Govt og Telangana  was as under:


Minister for Municipal Administration                             Ex-officio Chairman

Principal Secretary to Govt., MA&UD                           Ex- officio Director

Secretary to Govt., Finance & Planning                          Ex- officio Director

(Finance Wing)                                                               

Secretary to Govt., Finance & Planning                          Ex- officio Director

(Planning Wing)                                                              

Commissioner & Director of Municipal Admn.              Ex-officio MD


In the year 2005 the Government vide G.O. Ms.No.72 MA of MA&UD(UBS) Dept. Dt. 18.2.2005 has constituted the AP Urban Infrastructure Fund (APUIF) as a Trust and restructured the role of APUFIDC Limited as an asset manager. In the same G.O. the Government has also restructured the Board of Directors of APUFIDC Limited as follows.


Restructured Board of APUFIDC Limited:


Principal Secretary, to Government, Finance- Chairman

Principal Secretary to Govt., MA&UD -Director

Commissioner  & Director of Municipal Administration -Director

Director of Town and Country Planning-Director

Engineer-in-Chief, PH - (Director)

Managing Director, APUFIDC -