Objective of TUFIDC

The Main Objectives Of Apufidc Ltd
  • As per the Memorandum of Association of the Company the main objects are as under:-
  • i. To provide financial assistance by way of loans and advances to Urban Local Bodies including Municipalities, Notified Area Committees, Urban Development Authorities or such other local bodies as may be notified by Government from time to time in the State for their development schemes.
  • ii. To provide technical or any other assistance and guidance to Urban Local Bodies in the matter of their developmental schemes, including implementation of the Master / Detailed Development Plans prepared for the Urban Local Bodies i.e., Low Cost Sanitation Schemes, NRY, E.I. Schemes, etc.,
  • iii. To provide assistance and guidance to Urban Local Bodies for improving their administrative machinery and procedure.
  • iv. To accept appointment as trustees and to act as trustees for trusts or other funds, including but not limited to municipal funds and for that purpose to set up, promote, settle and execute trusts and device various schemes for raising funds in any manner from person, bodies corporate, trusts, societies, association of persons in India and to collect moneys by way of contributions, loans and otherwise for and on behalf of trusts or other funds and to deploy the monies/funds raised and earn reasonable returns, on their investments and to acquire, hold manage, dispose of all or any property or assets.
  • v. To act as consultants, financial advisors and investment advisors and to render such consultancy, financial, and investment advisory services to individuals, companies, corporations, trusts, government, state, local authority, association, institution (whether incorporated or not) or any other agency or organisation and other entities.